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“Youngsters and city poeple always say: we’ll till the garden on Saturday and Sunday. No no no, it’s gotta be done at the right time in the right weather.” (Grandma Irén)
Why are we making a performance about rest instead of resting? When will we stop all the doing? When will the seventh day come?

The Torah says that every seven years, in the year of 'Shmitah' - which in Hebrew means release- the land must be left fallow and cultivation is forbidden. The audience will witness a performance born in the moment where the rules of the rest year are brought to life in the bodies of the dancers. 7x7 minutes of improvisational collaboration between dancers, musician, light, video and audience.

How do we relate to the land today? How do we relate to rest? To work? To the rules that surround them? How can we reinterpret ancient traditions? How do we prevent the exploitation of the land and of each other? The performance explores our constantly changing relationship to rest, work and the land. It draws attention to the principle of the rest year and to our relationship with the land.

Zsófi Kozma met Christianna Giaume at college while studying performing arts in the US. She also performed with Léda Varga and Ágnes Valovics in a dance piece in Budapest. “Shmita” is their first performance together.

Dancers: Léda Varga, Christianna Giaume (US)
Musician: Ádám Munkácsi
Choreography outside eye: Ágnes Valovics
Production manager: Daniel Mayer
Mentor: László Hudi
Director: Zsófi Rebeka Kozma
Special thanks: Klára Cserne, Béres Bíborka, Andrea Ausztrics, Leó Kozma

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