Juhász Adél 

László Károlyné

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Adél Juhász doesn't really say why the solo is named after her deceased grandmother, but we are sure to experience a hallucinatory and explosive stage performance. A piece moving through hypnotic images formed by non-human, strange and swirling figures.

László Károlyné means Mrs.László Károly. My grandmother took as her married name my grandfather’s Full name which is a very common thing to do in Hungary. Personally, I find this problematic because such married name means a total identity loss. For example in the hospital where my grandmother died above her sickbed it said only László Károlyné. No word about her real name, Erzsébet. Identity loss was one of the topics I explored. My intention in L.K is to mesmerise the audience by triggering their senses and focusing their attention on different dimensions of the space and the body. There are three different materials I operate within the piece - the common thread between them is they all share and pursue a hallucinative quality.

Adél Juhász is a contemporary dancer and choreographer based in Hungary and Switzerland. She graduated at La Manufacture (Lausanne) . As an associate artist of Foundation L’Abri (Genéve) she developed the solo work - László Károlyné, presented at ADC Pavilion (Genéve, 2021). As part of the Swiss based collective - OuinchOuinch, she is currently touring internationally with the piece HappyHype, also selected for the Swiss Dance Days in 2022. “Technopagans - tuning your inner cables” created recently by Adél, Salômé Guillemin-Poeuf, Camille Poudret has premiered at La Batie festival (Genéve, 2022). Currently she is working working on the latest creation of Ceylan Öztrük - presenting in Gessneralle (Zürich, 2023). In Hungary, she has been working with the choreographers Csaba Molnár, Anna Biczók and Viktor Szeri.

Choreographer, performer: Adél Juhász
Music composer: Márton Csernovszky
Light: Ferenc Payer / Gautier Teuscher (CH)
Media Designer: András Nagy / Yann Longchamp (CH)
Costume: Csenge Vass

Pavillon ADC, Nestlé Foundation for Art, Foundation L’Abri, NKA Imre Zoltán Program, Sín Kulturális Központ, Fondation L’Abri, Loterie Romande

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