Under the Sun

Since 2007, László Hatházi and Balázs Antal have collaborated on action art and other artistic projects that demonstrate the gestures of collection, preservation, and gifting. In their earlier projects, seemingly unimportant or obsolete objects from our surroundings are elevated from their original context; for example, the once glorious, now castoff tigers guarding the gates of the Chinese market, or the indoor-plants crammed in window shops. This unique micro-world evokes the origin of the objects, and, beyond that, it attributes new layers of meaning to such objects.

Opening: August 27, 2021, 6 p.m. - CHANGE OF DATE - there is a small delay in the opening ceremony, please note the change.
Opened by: Kata Balázs, art historian
Location of the opening: in front of 1087 Kőbányai út 35/3. - at the corner of Kőbányai and Isztambul street at the parking area

Production: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

The project is created in the framework of the Liberty international partnership with the support of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

Under the Sun Creative Europe
Under the Sun Liberty Festival

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