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in Hungarian with English subtitles

Post-show discussion with the filmmakers and SABW LIVE ACT after the screening.

LEAVE/STAY is an independent documentary series produced by the SpeakEasy Project, focussing on the migration trends, life experiences, dilemmas and world of contemporary Hungarian youth, the ‘new mobility’ generation.

In the last two decades, the number of Hungarians considering living in a foreign country has tripled. A study carried out by the Institute of Social Research in 2012 showed that 16% of Hungarians had toyed with the idea of living or working abroad, and now more and more of them are making their dreams a reality. Coverage of this issue by the media and the blogosphere, which has produced numerous stories on migration and the experiences of working abroad, has led to nationwide interest and debate.

It is of vital cultural importance that the stories, experiences and dilemmas faced by representatives of this ‘new mobility’ are captured on film in a relaxed, informal and enjoyable way, and made available to a wider audience. In contrast to cold statistics, living examples allow us to look more closely at individual stories, and also help to reveal the issues which lie beyond more obvious phenomena such as homesickness, lack of family and roots, and cultural assimilation. Examples shown in this way may also help those who are on the fence make decisions.

LEAVE/STAY is a documentary series which aims to depict profound and entertaining stories through the use of situational elements, parallel portraits and contrasts. The pilot episode, shot in New York City and made available freely on the Internet, was bought by Hungarian National Television. Subsequently, its producers set out to create an 8-episode sequel, targeting the major European cities which are the focus of the ‘new mobility’. After premiering the second episode (about London) at Fullhouse, Trafó is proud to host the premiere of the LEAVE/STAY series Dutch episode.

LEAVE/STAY: THE DUTCH EPISODE (trailer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M98G7DlwKnI
LEAVE/ STAY: LONDON (full movie): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1FYM0-Ibyg
LEAVE/STAY: NEW YORK (full movie): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlQhYVQSpDE

Speak Easy Project: MENJEK/MARADJAK // The Dutch Episode

Producer: JÓZSA László, IMRE Loránd Balázs, HERNÁTH Csaba, BOGÁDI Csaba
Director: BOGÁDI Csaba
Assistant: SZABÓ Liza
Cinematography: HERNÁTH Csaba, BOGÁDI Csaba, IMRE Loránd Balázs, Liam Joy NIEMEIJER, Luke PIERSON
Editor: HERNÁTH Csaba
Music: BOGNÁR Csaba (SABW), Anima Sound System
Sound: MÁKÓ Mári

With: KLENYÁNSZKI Csilla, Maaike van GROENESTYN, RÁCZ Kristóf, CSERNÁK Dániel, POTAPENKO Nasztázia among others

Live act: BOGNÁR Csaba
Guitar: NAGY Gergely

Brill Audio Visual, Lekker, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Tisza, HP, Wizzair, BlaBlaCar, BikeBorn, masculan, Index.hu


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