Compagnie Pál Frenák: InTimE

3000 HUF / student 2400 HUF
There are five dancers on stage. At times some of them observe motionlessly from distance while the others fight, at other times they intervene in a web of complicated and subtle human relationships. How can one person become real for the other? Can the desire for one another remain forever unfulfilled? The reality and penetrability of bodies is an eternal question. Is the other person truly real? Must we always fall back from a relationships’ incomprehensible insecurity to our own cruel private reality?
“In one scene from ’InTimE’, five dancers on a stage observe one other and interact in a complicated web of human relationships. There is a woman, who behaves as though her body is not her own – as if she was a child and suddenly became a woman. She stumbles awkwardly in her high heels. (…) People have asked me what I’m interested in, what my pieces are about? Well, it’s really simple: human relationships. (…) My plays are ambiguous? Well of course they are! I’m deaf and I’m not. I speak Hungarian and I don’t. I live here and I live there. I’m high and I’m low. I crash and I fly. What do they want? Why I’m so extreme? What should artist be?”, explains Pál Frenák. (Time Out Budapest, 2009)

Choreographie and concept: Pál Frenák
Presenters: Bea Egyed, Zoltán Feicht, Milán Mauer, Nelson Reguera, Rita Tokai, Renáta Simon
Music: Attila Gergely
Light: János Marton
Sound: Attila Hajas
Set and mask design: Gyula Majoros
Costume: Gergely Szabó
Stage: Péter Molnár, György Zoltai
With the support of: Arcus Temporum, Picardie, Espace des Arts, La Rose des Vents, Centre National de la Danse à Pantin, Ministére de Culture et Communication, Région Nord-Pas de Calais


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