You have already been three times previously in Trafó with new circus shows. In which aspect is MYOUSIC similar and different from that performances?
In new circus shows the spectacle is the visual and artistic performance, MYOUSIC, however, is a journey through ones own imagination.

What was the the initial idea of your performance?
I wanted to create a play in which the sound plays the main role as story teller without the presence of an actor.

Based on my experience in Ljubljana, I would call this hard-to-define, "hybrid" total art project as a sound installation concert-theatre. Which genre is the most important to you?
I was never interested in classifications and assignments. For me there are things that have to be said and for which I search the most appropriate form. Having said that, I would assign my work to theatre.

You have been studying the narrative structures of sounds for many years, including teaching at the University of Zurich. What kind of story does MYOUSIC tell us?
MYOUSIC deals with the present moment, the here and now. In this case, it is the moment of performance with everything involved. The space: its architecture, its history, its purpose. The audience as a whole: its dynamics as a mass. The single person in the audience: his attention, expectations and sensitivities. The artist: his appearance, the projections and fantasies that we can have in his appearance. The exterior: the world we leave out, when the doors of the performance space are closed and the lights go out.

What caught you in the jazz drummer, Julian Sartorius? And how do you define his role in the particular universe of the show?
Julian is a fantastic musician, full of curiosity and always interested in exploring and discovering something new. In MYOUSIC he represents the human being who makes contact in order to discover and understand. He drives this search with rhythm, connecting the various elements with the space in order for us, the audience, to receive and create our own space.

What does the word-play title mean?
For something new to emerge, it takes space and openness for oneself as well as the other: Me & You = MYOUSIC. The title seeks to express that there is never just one point of view, no right or
wrong, and that truth is something complex that can arise out of polyphony.

The show has been touring since 2016, and I guess there are no similar evenings.
Touring and going on stage allows me to understand better and deepen my work. I take these opportunities to develop the pieces and to expose them to new forms, situations and encounters.

What is your favourite moment in the performance: building the installation, arrival of the audience, stage events or the reactions?
We could never know when the magic will happen: in an indefinite moment the doors of fantasy may open and one discovers something new and surprising. In fact these are the moments, I love my work for.

Who is the ideal spectator? How do you recommend the show to Trafó’s audience?
The piece requires no previous knowledge or special language skills on behalf of the spectator, just some curiosity about him or herself and the surroundings. Everyone is welcome. 

Dimitri de Perrot (Photo: Augustin Rebetez)
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