Thought Sculpture

Alex Mirutziu, Ryan Rivadeneyra

10.05.2018. 6 - 8 pm.
Lecture-performances by Alex Mirutziu and Ryan Rivadeneyra

Curator: Borbála Szalai
Venue: Trafoclub
Free entrance, all are welcome! The lecture-performances will be in English.

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Alex Mirutziu: Pause for Weight!
My first line of enquiry pursues the problematic of meaning and timing in relation to approximation and proximity as the aggregates for understanding a whatever materiality, both as forms of compression of datum. I delay setting meaning to objects through modes of ephemeral achievement. I want to slow down the speed at which meaning is accumulated and destabilise the modes of production, with problematic actions and orthopaedic narratives, in such a way that the focus is on what is not happening that is less happening.
My second line of enquiry looks at writings, objects, and live actions as arbitrary idealisations of reality. I use decision and position as tools to debunk the supposed given of fixed standpoints from which to make claims. 
My third line of enquiry seeks to engineer a body that is distracted, unresolved, and resistant to the impetuous logic of the project. As such, I intend to draw out a poetic of homelessness, a space beyond appearance; exfoliations of personal and historical events, un-suspending the manner in which the space after something ends is orchestrated. 
Alex Mirutziu's (b. Romania) practice extends over a wide range of media and activities, including sculpture, drawing, poetry and performance as well as critical and curatorial projects. In his practice he seeks to facilitate a body as ‘turbulent performative occasion’ drawing on the poetic of homelessness, invisibility and beyond, to suspend the set-ups of doing, un-doing, thinking and un-thinking. Alongside himself at 29 he activates within a collective who’s modus operandi is retroactive irony. As part of his theoretical practice the artist frequently lectured on performance (Royal College of Arts, London, Von Kraal Theatre, Estonia, Konstfack, Stockholm, Bezalel University of Art and Design, Tel Aviv). His works were shown at Power Plant, Toronto, The Glass Factory Lab, Boda, Mucsarnok Kusthalle, Budapest, Center for Contemporary Art and National Museum, Warsaw, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, and in 2015 he represented Romania at Venice Biennale. Currently his works are presented at the exhibition Double Heads Matches in the New Budapest Gallery.

Alex Mirutziu: Pig, 2018

Ryan Rivadeneyra: E-mails Concerning Happenings Considering Photography
In the performance-lecture photographic material is collated through an e-mail correspondence between the artist and Lorenzo Walker, the documenter of Allan Kaprow’s seminal performance pieces. The e-mail dialogue begins as the two discuss the formal and conceptual relationship between live performance and the documentation of such through photography, and slowly unravels into a back-and-forth that tries to locate remnants of Kaprow's happenings through pop, politics, and through the artist's own work. 
Ryan Rivadeneyra (Miami, 1984) lives in Barcelona. His recent work raises questions about cultural identity, human interaction, and other issues of the sort. It takes form in a series of micro-narratives that fluctuate between fictional and historical anecdotes and use humour and irony as well as heartfelt sincerity to explore everyday experiences. He has exhibitied at Fundació Tàpies, Barcelona, MACBA, Barcelona, Galerie Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam, Het Paviljoen, Ghent, Casa Hoffman, Bogotá, Flat Time House, London, Helmhaus, Zurich. He studied at the Cooper Union in New York, the Städelschule in Frankfurt, and completed his studies at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam in 2016.


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