The Player
5 events for 5 weeks
Participating artists:
Olof Olsson (DK/S): Market Realism / opening and performance: 16 October 6 pm
exhibition on view: 16 – 18 October
Cezary Bodzianowski (PL): Non-performance  / 22 October, 6 pm
Gyenis Tibor: A Fight with Six Enemies  / 29 october at 7 pm, 7.45 pm, 9 pm
Andreas Fogarasi (A): ABCity: / Opening: 3 November 7 pm exhibition on view: 3 – 9 November
participating artists: Moira Zoitl, Hito Steyerl, Pia Rönicke, Christian Mayer, Daniela Kostova, Halt + Boring, Margit Czenki, Dorit Margreiter/Anette Baldauf, Andreas Fogarasi
curated by Andreas Fogarasi
Azorro (PL): selection of videos  / 11 – 17 November, finissage: 17 November 7 pm
Curated by Hajnalka Somogyi
Upsetting the usual exhibition order, in the framework of the series of events The Player, five artists or groups are going to present themselves during five weeks in the gallery. The project tries to investigate the possible roles of artists in the contemporary cultural scene and the possible (and in cases, for a long time realized) ways to expand the notion of visual art toward other genres and new discourses.
The program is going to present five artistic positions, each of them rather playfully approaching the same question: what can be the mission of an artist and what are the means to achieve this goal?
Olof Olsson is a Swedish artist living in Copenhagen. His work investigates social and economic questions, often in relation to art. He deals with the phenomena of the art world today, its methods and structures, its psychological background. His projects characteristically provide some service. In Trafó, besides presenting his categorized slide archive on market phenomena, he introduces a young scholar, giving a lecture on Olsson’s work…

Cezary Bodzianowski is one of the most exciting figures of the Polish art scene. He has participated in shows such as Ausgeträumt... (2001, Vienna) September Horse (2002, Berlin) or the First Tirana Biennale (2001). His performances, revealing the absurdity in every-day actions, are based on a spontaneous interaction with the audience (that might equally consist of unsuspicious passers-byes, unintended eye-witnesses or insider gallery-goers).

Tibor Gyenis is a well-known figure of the Hungarian art scene: coming from the small but active artist circle of Pécs, now he regularly takes part on exhibitions both in Hungary and in abroad. Besides his outstanding photographic activity, he is known by his astounding, static actions. This time, he intends to present his rhetoric skills to the audience of Trafó.

Andreas Fogarasi studied architecture and fine arts. The young artist, being a frequent participant of the Budapest art life, has been invited to rather prestigious exhibitions throughout Europe in the last years. (Manifesta 4, Frankfurter Kunstverein, 2002, GNS, Palais de Tokyo, 2003). His work investigates urban space both as an artistic and as a social and economic phenomenon, a surface of the political and market-run representation. In The Player, Fogarasi positions himself as a curator, showing a video selection by work of artist colleagues who share his field of interest. The works present the metropolis, controlled site of consumption and entertainment on one hand, and a less controllable condenser and radiator of social energies and tensions. The setting –up of the selection is an equally important element of the work.

The group Azorro has been founded in the summer of 2001 by four Polish artists, Oskar Dawicki, Lukasz Skapski, Igor Krenz and Wojciech Niedzielko. The summation of the artists’ experiences lead them to the invention of a peculiar ‘philosophy’: the art world experienced and portrayed by them is pervaded by pessimism, ultimate corruption and by pre-arranged scandals. This world is boring, haughty and nevertheless without fantasy. It is the sharp and witty exposure of this comedy is their prescription for survival.
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