SUB.LAB.PRO (Manuel Ronda (IT), Hód Adrienn)


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The performance is in English, French, Italian, Greek and Hungarian.

TITAN  is the second double premier of SUB.LAB.PRO The Ensemble Program this season where the dancers worked with Manuel Ronda, an Italian choreographer and director who has established his unique creative languages with world-famous companies such as Ultima Vez, Charleroi Danse and Rootlesroot to mention a few. 
As a final creative process, the Ensemble collaborated with Adrienn Hód, who without question has shaped the boundaries of contemporary dance and its perspectives both in Hungary and internationally.

Both Ronda and Hód offer the dancers the possibility to experience and collaborate with different creative processes, physical modalities and contrasting considerations on performativity within this creative platform designed to foster a realistic appreciation of a company-like working environment offering a complete toolkit to thrive in the professional artistic field.

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn and in the Greek mythology Titan isn't named after a single individual, but rather a group of gods who ruled the world. Titan accentuates the past, and whatever environment the past has produced that we're forced to live and work within during the present. The past can hold us back, or it can be a source of advice and assets, and act as "shoulders for us to stand upon", but either way it's present and it greatly conditions our existence.

Now the Ensemble members have arrived at the finish line of the program but this is just the beginning of their careers as artistic individuals. 

Manuel Ronda (IT): oKaLLYToTeY
#totallyok #languages #queenofcroquettes

With the help of improvisational methods, we treat the universe of movement and sound as a common ground, taking into account their rhythm, composition, aesthetics, silence and tranquillity, while always using our body as the same instrument. Considering the opposites as a series of possibilities in which the dancers can immerse themselves and discover their own intentions, inner selves, exploring the visible and invisible side, the relationship between center and sound, radiation and disappearance, allowing them to express in their own unique way all that lies within them without the need for judgement.

Performers: Mészáros Fanni, Aggeliki Michalaki (GR), Anna Fauro (IT), Cecilia Weidacher (SWE), Coline Hemery (FR), Eleonora Cirelli (IT), Fanny Mansot (FR), Inés Lopez (FR),
Manon Campion (BE), Opal Gelman (IL), Shaked Tadmor (IL), Dora Almeleh (BE)
Light: Katalin Dézsi
Music: Birdman
Production: SUB.LAB Event Productions
Co-production partners: SÍN Arts Center,  Workshop Foundation, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Concept, Choreography: Manuel Ronda.

Hód Adrienn: Flash
#technique #stellar #awkwardness

What tools does a contemporary dancer have? What do the basics of dance technique mean to a contemporary dancer? How do you use or not use your technical knowledge?
The movement research starts from basic movements such as rotation, swinging, rolling, jumping, stepping, progressing, lifting, falling and acrobatic elements, which
goes from the simplest realisation possibilities to the most extreme "technical" solutions and back. Creating forms and shading them, from the seemingly awkward use of the body to fully developed, precise solutions. Finding the minimum and maximum. Looking for technical prowess relying on other dance styles and beyond.

Performers, creators: Aggeliki Michalaki (GR), Anna Fauro (IT), Cecilia Weidacher (SWE), Coline Hemery (FR), Eleonora Cirelli (IT), Fanny Mansot (FR), Inés Lopez (FR), Manon
Campion (BE), Opal Gelman (IL), Shaked Tadmor (IL), Izabela Flotyńska (PL)
Light: Dézsi Katalin
Choreographic assistant: Emese Cuhorka
Production: SUB.LAB Event Productions
Co-production partners, support: SÍN Arts Center, Workshop Foundation, Trafó, OFF Alapítvány/HODWORKS
Concept, Choreography: Adrienn Hód

The Ensemble: Manon Campion (BE), Eleonora Cirelli (IT), Anna Fauro (IT), Izabela Foltyńska (PL), Opal Gelman (IL), Coline Hemery (FR), Ines Lopez (FR), Fanny Mansot (FR), Fanni Mészáros (HU), Aggeliki Michalaki (GR), Shaked Tadmor (IL), Cecilia
Weidacher (SWE)

Choreographers: Manuel Ronda (IT), Adrienn Hód (HU)
Special thanks: Dora Almeleh, Margit Hodovan, Anikó Rácz, Gergely Ofner, Bence Kovács, Péter Halász, Kata Dézsi
Founders, directors, mentors: Jenna Jalonen, Péter Juhász

TITAN Műhely Alapítvány
TITAN EMMI-Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma
TITAN SÍN Művészeti Központ
TITAN SUB.LAB Event Productions

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