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Running Time – Tricks3

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24 years after the debut of their iconic piece, Tricks&Tracks, which shook and formed the entire Hungarian dance scene in 2000, Frenák Company revisits its main concept with a sensitive nostalgia while strongly reflecting on it. The two pieces (Running Time – Tricks3) connect generations, and open a new chance for a dialogue between all ages. Instead of a pathetic reminiscence, FrenÁk builds on continuity and the bravery of foresight; instead of the contrast of past and present, transformation and transversality are in the main focus. Running Time acts like a distorting mirror for today’s society, in which the constant rush poses a threat to human contacts, while also raising the most essential, existential questions of our relationships – questions that are completely independent of time and the changes of generations.
Concept: FrenÁk
Choreography: Radical Dance
Costume: Victoria Frenák
Music: Fred Bigot’s music is edited by Gábor Halász
Light: Marton János
Sound: Hajas Attila
Performers: Erika Vasas, Péter Holoda, Emma Lőrincz, Boglárka Heim, Anibal Dos Santos,
Eoin MacDonncha, Milán Maurer

Photo credit: bobal photography 

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