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TAKE A SEAT! - smART! XTRA 5.0 // AV Composers

The creators and contributors of the recorded performance would like to offer these donations to the Független Előadóművészeti Szövetség Segélyalap (Independent Performing Arts Association Aid Fund) to support the performers and the background professionals.
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We appreciate all donations, such as the price of a normal ticket (3200 HUF) or a student ticket (2600 HUF) by transferring the amount for the following bank account number:
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Have you ever dreamed about sitting on a numbered seat at Trafó’s auditorium? Have you ever wished that you know in advance in what row and from which chair you will be watching our performances? The time has come: XORXOR's creative coding team and Let_it_Be art agency designed our virtual auditorium, where you can choose your favourite spot.

Let’s meet in our virtual Great Hall and take part in our Take a Seat! - online Trafó evenings screening series on Saturday nights for the upcoming 10 weeks. Mark the dates to your calendar, click for the link below and book a virtual chair for yourself. In case of full house, you can find some extra seats as well. 

Find out more about the programme at website. 

2020.05.30. smART! XTRA 5.0 // AV Composers

Audiovisual compositions. Connecting real and virtual dimensions. Visual and musical interactions, unique and abstract visual design.

AV Composers, the 50th and final edition of the monthly smART! XTRA series and a brand new version of the renewable smART! program of the Trafó debuts on the screen of the Take a Seat!. During the last weekend of May viewers can watch video installations, previously featured in the Loop Gallery: Perplex (S Olbricht - Gábor Kitzinger), born during the lockdown: Close Distance (Rozi Mákó - Bori Mákó) and a new one: POST_II (Ábris Gryllus - Csaba Molnár - Marcell Nagy). The viewers are able to support the Farbwechsel Records with their donations. 

MÁKÓ Rozi - MÁKÓ Bori: Close Distance 

A co-work by sound designer Rozi Mákó and media artist Bori Mákó, Close Distance is an audiovisual composition created during the period of voluntary home isolation, virtually bridging the physical distance and reflecting on each other's work. It is a melodized digital painting and a painted electronic music. Encounter of converging endpoints and planes, soundtracks and brushstrokes, in the air.


The Post_II video installation, just like the first part of the series, deals with the situation of “post-state” with the help of choreography, music and video. Within the conception of the post-state, it examines the nature of passing, in the context of human and non-human, cyber, digital, and posthuman.

Concept, music: Gryllus Ábris
Choreography, performer: Molnár Csaba
Operatőr: Nagy Marcell
Focus puller: VERECZKEI Zsolt
Gaffer: MONA Zsolt
Curator: KOVÁCS Andrea
Special thanks to: VADAS Zsófia Tamara

S Olbricht – Kitzinger Gábor: PERPLEX 

Perplex is a joint video installation of Martin Mikolai and Gábor Kitzinger. It is a documentation of a real-time, sound-responsive, generative visualization and audio composition. Converting the incoming sound into data and constantly repeating the distorting process of the result. Searching the possible variations while getting the closest possible to the random.

The content is available 24 hours after the screening's premiere.

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