Leave / Stay // London

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20:30 film screening- Speak Easy Project: LEAVE/STAY//LONDON (in Hungarian, with English subtitles)
21:30 post-show discussion in Hungarian with the producers and András Kováts, Béla Soltész migration researchers moderator: Anita Libor (INDEX.HU)
22:30 Lőrinc Barabás & Márk Badics: SASTRA SPECIAL
23:30 SABW (ASAN) & Tamás Czirják live act

AFTERPARTY in Kontra Klub
Anima Sound System DJ Set (Prieger Zsolt & Németh Gergely), Imre Kiss (live)

Speak Easy Project: Leave / Stay // London

LEAVE/STAY is an independent documentary series produced by SpeakEasy Project on the migration trends, life experiences, dilemmas and world of the contemporary Hungarian youth, the generation of the “new mobility”. 
In the recent two decades, the number of Hungarians considering living in a foreign country has tripled. A study made in 2012 by the Institute of Social Research shows 16% of the Hungarians toyed with the idea of living or working abroad and now more and more of them make it a reality. The media and the blogosphere have produced numerous stories on migration and working abroad experience creating nation wide interest and debate.
It is essential that worthwhile stories and experiences and dilemmas of the representatives of this „new mobility” are translated into motion picture in a free and easy, enjoyable way and made available for a wider audience. As opposed to statistical figures, living examples allow a closer look and may also reveal tendencies beyond the obvious phenomena such as homesickness, lack of family and roots as well as cultural assimilation. Examples showed this way may help swingers make decisions.
LEAVE/STAY aims to depict worthwhile, entertaining stories with the tool set of documentary film through situational elements, parallel portraits and the use of contrast.
Producers are set out to produce an 8-episode sequel marked by major European cities, target places of the new mobility. The pilot episode was shot in New York City and made available freely on the Internet as well as bought by the Hungarian National Television.

Barabás Lőrinc feat. Badics Márk: SASTRA SPECIAL

The leading young jazz trumpet player of Hungary, Lőrinc Barabás after years spent mostly abroad playing with a great number of leading musicians now stands on the stage alone with a trumpet, a loop station and drummer Márk Badics. He multiplies the sound of his instrument in various musical functions - noises, thrills and the rarely heard sounds come to life and mingle with the grooves and harmonies, creating catchy tunes and progressive melodies.

Trumpet, loop-station: BARABÁS Lőrinc
Drums: BADICS Márk


Sabw (a.k.a. Bognár Csaba) is a downtempo-atmospheric-experimental music producer based in Budapest, Hungary. After ended performing with their alternative band in 2011, focused more on producing music, influenced by abstract/experimental music, producers from Clark, Bibio, and Krush to bands like Opeth or This Will Destroy You. Audience of the hungarian portal 'index.hu' voted him to the first place of a remix contest. Beside the instrumental lessons he also studied sound engineering at the Budapest School of Music Technology. His music is recently used as a soundtrack to short movies and documentaries as the LEAVE/STAY series. He uses Ableton Live + AKAI MPD26 (MPK49), Fender Jazz Bass and his vocal.

Releases and references:
Give Me Truth - ASAN [Hungary 2014]
Partot Mos - Postrock.hu [Hungary 2013]
Partial list of soundtrack:
Midtimellem (drama) [Denmark - 2014]
60 seconds in Chile (road movie) [USA - 2013]
Leave/Stay (documentary) [Hungary - 2013]
Celebrating 15 years of a good place (documentary) [Australia - 2013]
Magára Maradt Nemzet (documentary) [Hungary - 2007]

Producer: JÓZSA László, IMRE Loránd Balázs
Szerkesztő-rendező: IMRE Loránd Balázs
Gyártásvezető: JÓZSA László
Fényképezte: HERNÁTH Csaba
Operatőr: JÓZSA László, MLADIN Bence
Vágó: HERNÁTH Csaba
Vágó asszisztens: VÉSZI Kriszta
Zene: BOGNÁR Csaba, NÉMETH Gergely, PRIEGER Zsolt (Anima Sound System)
Szereplők: Luca, Niki, Csaba, Attila, Márk, Tobi
Barabás Lőrinc & Badics Márk: SASTRA SPECIAL
Trumpet, loop-station: BARABÁS Lőrinc
Drums: BADICS Márk

Live act: BOGNÁR Csaba
Drums: CZIRJÁK Tamás
Visual: HORVÁTH Balázs

Aterparty // KONRA KLUB
Anima Sound System DJ Set (Prieger Zsolt & Németh Gergely)
Imre Kiss

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