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As part of the smART! XTRA series of interactive presentations, audiences are invited to discover interdisciplinary forms of collaboration between different areas of the arts and creative industries, through a number of ongoing projects. The FREQUENCIES event will focus on human signals and resonances.
Gryllus Ábris: POST_
POST_ is an audiovisual installation inspired by several segments of the Krund ni Ovel performance and the abstraction of known and unknown social behaviours, rituals and movement patterns.

Dop: Marcell NAGY
Gaffer: MÓNA Zsolt
Focus Puller: Attila DAMOKOS
Special thanks: Csenge VASS
Dávid Somló: AMONG
1, My inner voice went hoarse this morning.
2, It would be great, if all of us would have the same thing in mind. / It’s great that we never have the same thing in mind.
3, Is it possible that the restrictions can make me free?

David Somló is a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist and experimental musician. In his performance practice he is interested in the small, important moments of human interactions and in exploring the relations of the physical, the social and personal space through sound and movement. He composes situations which offer a complex, non-repeating outcome from simple elements, structures and instructions.
The work-in-progress performance Among which will be created for smART! XTRA, examines the transition space between the sounds heard in the head and the ears.

Connected Bodies Team tries to retrieval invisible signals from the human body - but is it possible in an opposite way? With what kind of effects, sounds, colours, pictures can influence the feelings, thoughts of a person? What if that person functions as an interface between the other and the inner world? In the CONNECTED FEELINGS performance a dancer is wearing a brain sensor attached to her skin and the spectators became participants with their certain mental effects. The dancer’s feelings - through measured brainwave, face expression, sweating, heartbeats – are becoming visible thereby she is at the mercy of the audience. This experiment focuses the contextual behaviour, live and intimate interaction, physical contact and manipulation between people.


Presenters: SOMLÓ Dávid, GRYLLUS Ábris, VADAS Zsófia Tamara, HARSÁNYI Réka, SZŰCS Dóra Ida, Bálint BOLCSÓ
Editor, moderator: KOVÁCS Andrea
Creative concept: Let it Be! art agency
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