Yoann Bourgeois (FR)

Midnight (Minuit)

3200 HUF / Student: 2600 HUF
weightlessness, grace, edge of dreams

This clownish, existential attempt to get back upright in the strict sense of the word so that you can stand up and speak even when everything is going against you becomes a metaphor for both the circus and life as a whole. Keeping your balance in the middle of opposing forces which push and pull at you takes a lot of work, a fair amount of obstinacy and an unfailing sense of humor. Then finally there comes the inexorable fall.

“I came up with this programme because I’d reached an age where I could imagine the broad strokes of my life to come, no matter the actual course of events, and speak of this future as if it were the past.

This was not a sudden realization but a growing awareness over time.

No matter the number of days left, no matter how optimistic the prognosis, those days would not be enough. My idea was to stall time. Of course this was impossible, but there were ways to approach the subject. The project would be straightforward, definitive. I decided upon a simple phrase to give the work a name: ‘Tentative approaches to a suspension point’.

Something like an urge to create. We started working on the details. A collection of smaller acts can be just as powerful as a single work. Pieced together in a program they have a common goal: to grasp the present. The physical interlocking of the constructions on stage – the amalgam of various apparatus and machinery, how they relate to each other, to the space and to the audience – join in pursuit of that one moment: ‘The moment of suspension.’”
Yoann Bourgeois

Yoann's pieces widely center around moving performers on dynamic sculptures. He is notable for having a revolving staircase with a trampoline in the center. In addition, he puts performers on spinning platforms and utilizes the Centripetal and Centrifugal forces to create dramatic effects.

He refers to the weightless moments in the acts as suspension points. These are times where the performers reach Zero Gravity . It can also refer to the relative movements of performers on a spinning platform. He strives for Equilibrium in his acts.

Yoann Bourgeois is considered a nouveau-cirque acrobat, bringing elements of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton 's Absurdism and silent acts.

Direction: Yoann Bourgeois
With the involvement of Mehdi Baki, Laure Brisa, Yurié Tsugawa
Music: Laure Brisa, Philip Glass
Sound technician/design: Antoine Garry
Lighting technician/design: Jérémie Cusenier
Costumes: Sigolène Petey
Technical Manager: Albin Chavignon
Head of Stage manager: Audrey Carrot or Albin Chavignon

Extract of Chronicle 3 whole days, whole nights by Xavier Durringer published by Editions Théâtrales.

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