Collective Dope


Battle ticket qualifier and quarter-final: 1000 HUF
Collective Dope Performances: 2000 HUF
Battle ticket semi-final and final: 2000 HUF
Early bird full day ticket: 3000 HUF
Full day ticket: 3500 HUF

Detailed program: 
15.00 - 17.00 Registration, warm up, jamming
17.00 - 20.00 [D]OPEN your move 2vs2 Battle: qualifier and quarter final
20.00 - 21.30 Collective Dope performances
- Nóra Horváth and Gábor Ivanov
BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you
’- Jenna Jalonen (FI) and Jonas Garrido Verwerft (BE) -premier-
21.45 - [D]OPEN your move 2vs2 Battle: semi-final, judge showcase and final
23.00 - After Party - DJ Ábris Gryllus

The first event where urban dance and contemporary dance meet in Trafó! A day, when we don’t focus on the differences but rather celebrate the love and passion for dance and movement. Collective Dope invites dancers with different cultural background to dance together, think together and learn from each other. What moves a dancer? What can we learn from each other’s subcultures? What is that new style that can be born out of this meeting, and how to continue? Although the dancers will battle against each other, the main focus is on learning, exchanging and inspiring each other. 

Collective Dope’s mission with this event is to build a bridge between contemporary and urban dance cultures. Besides researching new movement forms and getting inspiration from urban and social dances, the creators and dancers Jenna Jalonen (FI) and Nóra Horváth (HU) would like to share contemporary dance in a new way to everyone who loves and enjoys movement and dance. 

A mini-festival where the audience can explore battles, view performances, meet with international and national dance artist from contemporary, urban, hip hop and street dance. And of course release the energy at the after party. The day after we invite all dancers for a free workshop by Link Bink (FR). Where the different styles can meet, exchange experiences and participates in creating a new community and audience.

About the performances:

Collective Dope/Nóra Horváth


The two performers represents new patterns of relationships in today’s society through the formality of dance, using various styles on their way to meet one another. These situations are often comic, absurd and are weighed down by many external difficulties, just as in real life for the young generation.

In the various attempts to connect during the performance, humor and irony serve as a tool to reflect on the rhythmical and personal differences between the two dancers. The wide range of dance languages displayed, represent a specific era in the past and present such as folk dance, disco, techno, twerk, hip-hop and even styles that represent more narrow groups, such as hardcore dance.

These different elements are paired with a musical score composited with the help of Áron Porteleki.

The piece won the Rudolf Laban-prize in 2019.

Dancers and creators: Nóra Horváth, Gábor Ivanov
Music composition: Áron Porteleki
Light design: Mátyás Major
Mentor: Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi
Consultant: Máte Mészáros
Concept: Nóra Horváth

Supporters: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, SÍN Arts and Culture Center, Mu Theater, Workshop Foundation, Life Long Burning

The performance is supported by Zoltán Imre Program - National Cultural Fund of Hungary

The performance is supported by European Union Culture Program.

Collective Dope/Jenna Jalonen

BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you’

Everything in life exists thanks to energy waves. These vibrations create the rhythms that drives us and makes our hearts beat. We share the same pace, the same pulse, we are connected through movement and touch. But what happens when the “beat” disappears?

Here is Jenna and here is Jonas. Living in the accelerated world of social media and the possibility of instant communication through messaging and swiping from left to right. These communcational forms make us feel deeply related to others, meanwhile we are missing the actual encounters, handshakes, hugs and movements expressing our instinctive feelings and physical reactions.

A contemporary dancer and a b-boy. Both physically trained to master techniques and control over their bodies. Together they are decoding the skilled and disciplined body into a new way of movement and partnering. The active and the passive. The manipulator and the manipulated one. “The living-body” and “the dead-body”.

The sound artist Adrian Newgent joins them on stage, composing live soundscape in dialog with the dancers. The result is an incredibly physical, raw, yet intimate and touching duet about human relations.

Creators, performers: Jenna Jalonen (FI), Jonas Garrido Verwerft (BE)
Live music composition: Adrian Newgent (NL)
Production assistant: Janka Vámos
Production: Straatrijk (BE)Co-production: Collective Dope, Workshop Foundation

Special thanks to: Flying Bodies

Supporters: STUK House for Dance, Image & Sound, Life Long Burning, Ultima Vez, Stad Leuven, SÍN Cultural Centre, Eva Duda Dance Company / Movein Studio, Cirk la Putyika / Jatka78 

The performance is supported by European Union Culture Program

The program is supported by Workshop Foundation and Imre Zoltán Program - National Cultural Fund of Hungary


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