Louise Lecavalier (CAN)


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APR/03-04 10:00-12:00 • WORKSHOP• Jurányi Grabó Stúdió. Further info and registration:
APR/06 • after the performance • Post-show discussion with the artists moderated by Eszter Gál dancer, dance teacher, choreographer

Louise Lecavalier explores new territory in this solo and duet freely inspired by two Italo Calvino characters, the nonexistent knight and his squire. The stage is a fight ring, a self-contained experimental world where a thousand battles, ephemeral or extreme, are waged. Avid for adventures and misadventures, the two antiheroes allow glimpses of their ideals and disillusionments to show in a mad, unclassifiable dance.
Louise Lecavalier was born and raised in Montréal. She began her professional dance career at the age of eighteen when she met Édouard Lock. Lecavalier became Lock's muse in his company La La La Human Steps. With her mane of platinum dreadlocks, her physical power and her mastery of the full-body barrel jump, which looks like a horizontal pirouette, her image was a signature for the company. She was the perfect embodiment of Lock's frenetic and technically punishing androgynous aesthetic in works such as Human Sex (1985) and Infante, c'est destroy (1991). In 1985, she became the first Canadian to win a Bessie Award in New York. After dancing with La La La Human Steps for eighteen years, she started her own path and started collaborating with other artists.

Conceived and choreographed by: Louise Lecavalier
Performed by: Louise Lecavalier, Robert Abubo
Assistant choreographer and Rehearsal director: France Bruyère
Lighting Design: Alain Lortie
Original music and Live music: Antoine Berthiaume
Additional Music: Steve Roach
Costume Design: Yso
Photo: André Cornellier
Co-production: Fou Glorieux; tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf; HELLERAU - European Centre for the Arts Dresden; le CENTQUATRE, Paris; Festival TransAmériques Montréal; Usine C, Montréal.
Louise Lecavalier is an associate international artist of the CENTQUATRE-Paris.
Fou Glorieux is supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Montreal Arts Council.
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