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Trafó Theatre Hall

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/ Amazons, musicality, joy
Compagnie par Terre / Anne Nguyen (FR): Autarcie (....)

| dance

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27 - 28 OCT 2017.

English-friendly, TRAFÓ19

For professional contemporary or hiphop dancers on 29 October, 10h-13h, at Trafó Studio. Application and futher info:

Autarcie (….) is a game of strategy where, for 50 minutes, four dancers engage in a frantic ritual, alternating between forward-facing dance moves and free digression.

They transform their respective dance specialities of breakdance, popping and waacking into an abstract vocabulary, establishing their powerful individualities on stage and thrusting themselves into the space in pursuit of territory, alliances and hierarchy. The front of the stage is the rallying point where the dancers come together and devise a warrior dance directed at the audience. The inner workings of this restless “tribe” with all the power struggles that ensue and the search for possible points of harmony, thus unfold on stage, to the pulsating, unbridled rhythms of the percussive organic beat.

As a dancer specialized in breakdance and familiar with the world of hip-hop battles, Anne Nguyen founded the par Terre Dance Company in 2005. The scientific thought as well as her practice of several martial arts inspire her to conceive choreographic universes that sublimate the hip-hop dance and its essence. By setting precise gestures, geometrical constraints, energy and density contrasts, intertwining of bodies and dance mechanisms, and unexpected occupations of space, she combines a raw, accomplished hip-hop dance with a graphic, pure, destructured choreographic writing.
“It's a sort of b-boying performance in the style of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. Or rather a kind of breakdance crossed with the concepts of William Forsythe. Choreographer Anne Nguyen is used to these kinds of comments about her work. She understands the comparison as she is keen to deconstruct hip-hop vocabulary in order to reconstruct it, like a puzzle, to create her increasingly acclaimed choreographies.” (Liberation)
Choreography: Anne Nguyen
Dancers: Konh-Ming Xiong, Magali Duclos, Farrah Elmaskini, Valentine Nagata-Ramos
Original soundtrack (Composer and Percussionist): Sébastien Lété
Lighting design: Ydir Acef
Artistic advisers: AragoRn Boulanger, Jim Krummenacker
Costumes designed by: Courrèges
With the support of Teatroskop as part of FranceDanse Orient-Express. Teatroskop is a program initiated by the French Institute, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

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