Weltschmerz - exhibition of Csaba Kis Róka

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2015. január 23-án pénteken 18.00-tól Nemes Z. Márió, költő, kritikus, esztéta tart tárlatvezetést a Weltschmerz című kiállításon.
Opening: 18 December, 2014 (Thursday) 7 PM
Opening speech by Imre Bartók, writer, critic

Trafó Gallery’s new experiment with a solo exhibiton of an emerging Hungarian painter goes beyond the institution’s comfort zone. The unmistakable Kis Róka made sure in the past decade that no one would remain indifferent to his work, some hail his revelational artistic freedom, whilst others remain hostile to his unique style.

From the early stage of his career the artist consistently has worked on the depth of his motifs, which were first reflecting upon horror and heavy metal iconography, but recently he has made obvious moves towards art historical references and his playfully baroque and brutally rococo pastoral visuality is now dominated by venetian colorism and dark romantic features. His masculine dystopias are populated by bearded men and soldiers, but the new subjects of his private mythology are kids and teenagers. The mutilation of these figures in the frame of classical portrait genre can be interpreted as the artist’s pessimism related to the future and the German title of the exhibition also reflects upon the psychological pain and sadness caused by fractures between the ideal and the real world.

Supported by: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Káli Kövek

You can download the HANDOUT of the exhibition from here.

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