The project ‘We are not ducks on a pond...‘ deals with different aspects of the notions of informality, chaos vs. order, correction and community. A small, grassroots collective will attempt to discuss and summarise these topics from their point of view within the frame of the circumstances, efforts, experiences and also intangible structures that have appeared during the past 5 years in Hungary.

IMPEX - Contemporary Art Provider is an independent, flexible initiative for work, research and experiments in the field of art and culture, set at the crossing of alternative and institutional networks. For the duration of 5 weeks, IMPEX will use the premises of Trafó Gallery for a combination of different functions: a research base, archive, public discussion platform and visual database. A functional spatial structure, a kind of a ‚notion-design‘, will consist of constantly developing collage of artefacts, notices, research material, artworks, associative models and reconstructed situations. A series of public events, together with the research and documentation taking place on a daily basis, will provide the structure for the production of a book dealing with the above mentioned issues.

Until 1 June, 2008: collecting – systemising - documenting – planning – editing - printing

Side Events (in english):

27 May, 2008.: Networked Culture - discussion, DVD and book launch

31 May, 2008.: Flea market for artists and art

Box Office opening hours:
  • on Mondays: 2pm-6pm
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Trafó Gallery opening hours:
  • temporarily closed.
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