COLOR ME CLOSELY - exhibition of Navid Nuur

The groundbreaking works of Iranian-born dutch Navid Nuur are shown in his first exhibition in Budapest after being on display in the Parisian Centre Pompidou and the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam.

Navid Nuur’s critics usually describe his works with the slightly confusing post-conceptualist label, even though his area of research is actually the much more instinctive field of human perception of art and materials. His works are often inspired by such experiences as skateboarding, graffiti, urban culture, common paradoxes or even his own dyslexia. The often personal issues and problems raised in his works are always solved with unconventional logic, which constantly creates extraordinary solutions and thus redefines the role and the methodology of the artist as such.  One of the main characteristics of Nuur’s art which makes it incredibly unique is the way how he approaches material and technique from his guts, in order to completely redefine and reconstruct genres, which he works in.

Apart from his language inspired text-based works, drawings and aquarelles, he also creates non-conventional objects and installations.  Although through his experiments, he also strives to renew other genres such as neon-art or limited edition publications. He approaches painting simultaneously in an analytical and in alchemist way: through his broad range use of materials, and his personal perspective he places it into a totally new system. In 2011 for example he won one of the most prestigious Dutch art awards - the Royal Award for Modern Painting - with his monochrome painting program.

The works of Navid Nuur which will be exhibited in Budapest mainly focus on colors, and are created with the help of smoke-bombs, light-reflecting panels, or vitamins added to paint. Beside his experiments with monochrome painting some of his magical, phantasy-driven text-based works connected to colors also will be present in the gallery, as his interview with black.

Navid Nuur has had solo shows at such legendary venues as the Fridericianum in Kassel, the Parasol Unit in London, the Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen, the SMAK in Ghent, the Plan B Gallery Berlin/Cluj Napoca and the Matadero in Madrid. His first summary exhibition of his text-based works just closed at the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht.

artmagazin 34 - Color me closely from on Vimeo.
Supported by: Mondrian Fund, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Káli Kövek

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