Krisztián Kristóf: Emphatic Landscape

vernissage: 18th of May 2017. (THU) 7 pm.
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You can download the exhibition's handout from here.

Krisztián Kristóf (1976) as one of the members of the artistic duo The Randomroutines - that he and Tamás Kaszás founded in 2003 - has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe in the past decade. However, in Trafó Gallery Krisztián Kristóf is going to have his first larger-scale solo-exhibition. Kristóf’s solo carrier so far is marked by the main prize of JCE - Jeune Création Européenne Biennale in 2013, or his solo exhibitions in Liget Gallery or in Impex. His new exhibition in Trafó Gallery is based on artworks of different media, like objects, installations, and videos with multiple viewpoints. His primarily figurative art is often linked to visual-aid illustrations, but for him the focus is not on the figures, but rather on the enigmatic, sometimes abstract situations and stories, and on those further psychological battles that they provoke in the viewer. Kristóf considers his artistic praxis as an engaged process, in which all parts are linked, and his earlier works or the secondary products often appear as starting points for new pieces, considering them as some kind of prediction or plan. For his exhibition in Trafó he also takes one of his previous works as a plan and builds the fictitious and fragmented architecture of the exhibition on that.

Supported by: National Cultural Fund of Hungay, Káli Kövek
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