You dreamt with straight lines, I did with curves, which had acid shadows

Prolonged till the 6th of December

Opening: 30th October 2015. 7pm

Exhibiting artist:
 George Crîngaşu, Zsófia Keresztes, Jaakko Pallasvuo

Curator: Áron Fenyvesi

Opening speech by: Szilvi Német, curator

You can download the handout of the exhibition from here

Trafó Gallery’s group exhibition focuses on the digital aesthetical revolution going on in contemporary visual arts, which exploded as a global phenomenon without any actual borders among the youngest generation of artists. Every exhibitor owns a new strategy of image creation, and they tend to approach already existing genres with new sensibility: digital prints (George Crîngaşu), videos (Jaakko Pallasvuo), or paper objects and installations (Zsófia Keresztes). All the artworks of the exhibition own a certain touch of subjectivity, they are in dialogue with the visuality of trash, and all their pieces are enormously mobile and variable. It seems that the artists speak a new language, which strongly reflects on vlogs, youtube and other easygoing social media content. In the works featured in the show, the boundaries are not that important, instead they are hypnotised by fluorescent colors, featherweight structures, fashion, eccentrics and psychedelia which create a transgressive maze in the space of the gallery.

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Supported by: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Káli Kövek
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