Nart Orchestra

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Nart Orchestra is a very special voluminous orchestra: 19-member contemporary big band with plenty of winds, with eclectic music that connects distant points of the Hungarian music scene. Suit wearing classical music of concert halls, jazz, and baseball cap and tank top wearing hip-hop coalesces into a genre unifying crowd on stage with a dozen saxists, trumpeters and trombone players, with a DJ and a rhythm section behind them.

The own works of Nart Orchestra, formed in 2018 under the direction of Ádám Meggyes, is also characterized by openness, limitlessness and experimentation. Their best-known series is Fővárosi Rapcirkusz (Metropolitan Rap Circus), where, supplemented with MCs, they show the power of wind music to thousands of people year after year, but they have already held a workshop in Ghana, where they performed a joint orchestral concert, arranging the music of local artists.

The creative concept, having a big band set up, but also aiming for tearing down the walls surrounding the genre, creates constantly pulsating waves of energy from fine compositions to sheer chaos. At times it provides more complex emotional experiences using conventional elements. The members of the rhythm section are musicians with independent character, who fill the varying soundscapes with constant monumentality. This ensures a stable musical foundation for the band’s special sound.

karmester - Meggyes Ádám

alt szaxofon - Stencli Tamás
alt szaxofon - Zsemlye Sándor
tenor szaxofon - Ávéd János
tenor szaxofon - Zana Zoltán
beriton szaxofon - Kováts Gergő

trombita - Puskás Csaba
trombita - Hámori János
trombita - Táborszky Bence
trombita - Ráner Máté

harsona - Korb Attila
harsona - Csapó Krisztián
harsona - Lovay Tamás
basszus harsona - Janák Gergő

DJ - Őrsi András (ONE-AB) - Slow Village
gitár - Szekér Ádám - Irie Maffia
billentyű - Premecz Mátyás - Kéknyúl
basszusgitár - Matus Péter - Irie Maffia/Kéknyúl
dob - Dési Tamás - Irie Maffia


A koncert megvalósítását a Petőfi Kulturális Ügynökség, a Nemzeti Kultúrális Alap és az Emberi Erőforrások Minisztréiuma támogatta.

Nart Orchestra EMMI-Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma
Nart Orchestra NKA - Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
Nart Orchestra Petőfi Kulturális Ügynökség
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  • other days: 5pm - 8 pm
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  • Performance days: 4-10pm.
  • Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 4pm-7pm.
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