Mïus x Attaray Visual 

10th Anniversary Concert

3900 HUF
in advance: 3500 HUF 
(only 100 tickets available in this special price)

Ten years of analogue electronica floating on dark water, flashing lights through the fog, sound and lights on a next level. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary, Mïus and Attaray Visual’s composition called „naked waves” moves into Trafó House for one special night. Ten years of compositions will be joined by Vera Jonas, Dóri Hegyi, Juli Horányi and the polish singer Raf Skowroński.

Escaping the club scene, sound and fog fill the stage of Trafó House, where light as plastic and geometric form comes into dialogue with the clicking of analog synths and the clatter of piano keys. The „naked waves” audio-visual installation can be seen for the second time after the sold-out concert at art quarter budapest.

Signed to Théque Records and Berlin’s respected Sonar Kollektiv label, Mïus is the music project of Budapest-based artist Gergely Álmos. Coming from architecture he defines his music as a ‘multi-art project’ where different fields of self-expression meet each other.
Andrea Sztojanovits, who performs under the moniker of Attaray Visual, graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and the Doctoral School of the Academy in Budapest and presently she teaches audiovisual and light art at the university. 


visuals – Andrea Sztojánovits
electronics, synths - Gergely Álmos
vocals - Vera Jonas, Dóri Hegyi, Juli Horányi, Raf Skowroński
piano, keys – Szilvia Várnai
bass guitar – Tamás Mezey
drums – Kristóf Gulyás 

A koncert a Nemzeti Kulturális Alap és a Hangfoglaló Program támogatásával valósult meg.

10th Anniversary Concert NKA - Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
10th Anniversary Concert Hangfoglaló Program
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