Odd ID (Ethnofil) Cycle 4-8-4 // Nunki Bay Starship

2000 HUF / in advanced booking: 1500 HUF (the first 100 tickets)
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World and ethnic elements flavour the eclectic blend of music ranging from jazz-rock to downtempo electronica. Across the Universe of improvised musicality with no compromise, Ethnofil invites you to a journey flowing across atmospheres and moods of the greatest versatility. From more than 650 bands, Ethnofil has been awarded the ‘grand prize’ of Talentometer , a competition of the internationally recognized A38 concert venue of Budapest.

Since then, the group has become an integral part of the Budapest underground music scene, but has been actively touring Europe . Playing cities in France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia . Whether it is a tribal festival (e.g. O.Z.O.R.A, SUN ) or a small club venue, Ethnofil takes the audience to an out-of-this-world musical experience . The 7-piece band is often complemented by live visuals . By the new LP ‘The Edge’ Ethnofil developed its own, distinct sound of the present. The album has been pre-released in the prestigious Parisian jazz bar ‘Le Baiser Salé’ that is to be followed by a grand album release european tour in Fall 2018 . Broadened by electronics enriched by the characteristic vocals, ‘The Edge’ delivers a comprehensive picture of the past two years’ creative work. Lush atmospheres , edgy rhythms pervaded by psychedelic synths taking the listener to the Edge and beyond. Ethnofil celebrating its 10t h anniversary in 2018 has released three LPs so far. Fülön Csíp (2011) was written with the idea of promoting traditional Hungarian folk music among Hungarian youngsters by showing the music in a modern, progressive context . Their sophomore album ‘Kókuszmúzeum’ (2014) brought the band further towards its unique eclectic fusion sound. Using folk elements as melodic parts with less emphasis.

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