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What would Dorothy do if the tornado in Kansas took her to Budapest in 2015? Who would be her companions, and what questions would they come up with when faced with the challenges of this version of Oz? And what would they do when they realise that this particular Oz cannot help them, as it’s all just a huge scam?  Would they place a complaint? Make a report? Organise a demonstration? Or a flashmob?

Petra Ardai, a Hungarian artist based in The Netherlands, theatre director Martin Boross and Polish actress Julia Jakubowska have set their ‘complaint taxi’, a specially- equipped rickshaw, in motion on the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ of Europe.
For what reason would you raise your voice in anger, if you found yourself in the portable complaint office of ‘We Hear You’? Starting with the Sziget Festival, the creators have taken Budapest inhabitants on a ride, listening to them talk about their individual, personal issues as well as their fierce opinions regarding the world in general.
The ‘complaint taxi’s first stop will be at Trafó, where it will transform into an interactive presentation. The audience and creators will be able to join forces to air society’s laundry together, and in a manner previously unseen in public ask the question: how can we get away from the Wicked Witch of the East, and how can we find that very thing that has brought us to Oz?
(The following text is all correct, so has not been included in the word count for this event. Oli M)

Creator-performers: Petra ARDAI, Martin BOROSS, Julia JAKUBOWSKA
Music, sound: Márk BARTHA
Set design: Tímea OLÁH, Zsófia MOCSÁR
Set construction: László FILCSIK, Bence KALMÁR, Márton Emil TÓTH
Video consultant, documentation: Máté BARTHA
Production assistant: Brigitta VARGA
P.R.: Krisztina FODOR
Producer: Anikó RÁCZ
Concept, idea: Petra ARDAI, Martin BOROSS
Director: Martin BOROSS
Coproduction partners: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Füge Production
Supporter: Ministry of Human Resources



Coproduction partners: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Füge Production
Supporter: Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma,, Tente

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  • on Mondays: 2pm-6pm
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Trafó Gallery opening hours:
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