ArtMan Est vol. 8

Echo of Images - Acoustic illusion / delusion

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The dialogues are available here in English: english script pt. 1, english script pt. 2

Echo of Images - Tánceánia

reflecting on each other
being a landscape for each other
reflection on the world
the world is projected upon us
we live other aspects of the same world

Flashes and unfolding. Imprint of memories and snapshots in the present. Sequel, reorganization, searching for a place in the space and in the relationships, in the wholeness of the moment.  Everything moves in this dance, with us, in us, around us. 

Artists: Tamás Barkó, Ildikó Bóta, Attila Dániel, Dorka Farkas, Judit Eötvös, Dávid Eszes, Eszter Gál, Levente Kalácska, Ferenc Kálmán, Kristóf Környei, Gábor Potoczky, Károly Tóth
Music: Ernő Zoltán Rubik
Lights: Kata Dézsi
Sound: Mihály Kádár
Assistants: Dorka Farkas, Ferenc Kálmán
Director: Eszter Gál

Production manager: Júlia Dobay, Kata Kopeczny
Operating organisation: ArtMan Association,
Supporters: ArtMan, MEREK

Acoustic illusion / delusion - PREMIERE

In the mixed-ability dance performance called  Acoustic delusion / illusion the creators deal with the topic of lack of visual perception and they are experimenting with other types of perceptions like hearing, touching, perceptual and kinesthetic perception. The interactive dance theatre performance based on the personal stories of Tamás Barkó. The aim of this interactive creation is to involve the audience into the special and unusual world which is free from visual stimulations.

The movement structures and other short choreoghraphes with closed eyes  are different challenges for the dancers. They discover and activate several “secret” abilities meanwhile dancing in this way. Most of the time the structures turn into games made up of random elements which are testing the flexibility and spontaneous abilities and reflexes of the performers. Playfulness, spontaneous responses and the need to connect with each other and with the audience is getting more and more intense ön the stage. 

The stage is formed by the audience sitting in a circle. The dancers also take their place in the circle. In this way they are changing they roles sometimes as an observator - like the participants-sometimes as a performer. They are connecting to the audience in different ways with their actions and reactions. 

"Encounters. I think everyone has some hobby, one or more. Mine is encounters with people. Usually I have many oppportunities, especially when I am on my way somewhere. When ever I spend a shorter or longer period with them, what they say may or may not make an inpact on me or pass by my ears. Most often they have an effect on me.” (Tamás Barkó)

Performers: Tamás Barkó, Júlia Dobay, Andrea Mészöly
Composer, acoustic effect designer: Gergely Bényi
Lights: Kata Dézsi
Sound: Mihály Kádár
Co-creators: Tamás Barkó, Júlia Dobay
Assistant of the director: Kata Kopeczny
Director: Andrea Mészöly

Production manager: Júlia Dobay, Kata Kopeczny
Operating organisation: ArtMan Association,
Supporters: ArtMan, RS9

Photo: Mátyás Czeglédi


Short film before the performance and in the break:
HIDDEN DANCES - Hungarian premiere

Video loop for four hands and six legs. 

Concept: Bernadett Jobbágy
Performers: Attila Dániel, Mónika Jez, Katalin Kopeczny, István Mészáros
Camera and post-production: Bernadett Jobbágy

Supported by: ArtMan Association, Foundation for our Brothers with Mental Disabilities, National Dance Theatre Budapest

Minden elindított mozdulatnak, ívnek van egy párja, lett légyen ez ellazított, vagy a spasztikus izommozgásból eredően görcsös, merev.

ArtMan, MEREK, RS9

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