Rachid Ouramdane / CCN2 Grenoble (FR): TORDRE

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A post-show discussion with Rachid Ouramdane will take place after the performance, moderated by dancer and choreographer Zsuzsi Rózsavölgyi. In English, with interpretation in Hungarian. All welcome!

Rachid Ouramdane will hold a workshop between 19h-22h on 26 September at Trafó Studio, for professional dancers only. Participation is free with registration:
 Send a short professional introduction about yourself by midnight 22 September to the following email address: workshop@wsf.hu

“I’d label him an expressionist minimalist. I can’t think of anyone else to whom that tag applies in dance, and Mr. Ouramdane reminds me of nobody else. His vocabulary is small, but it suggests that he has urgent points to make that go beyond dance. He’s original, peculiar, limited, irksome, haunting.” (NY Times)
Rachid Ouramdane is at the forefront of dance innovation, extending definitions of performer and choreographer and blurring the line between dance and documentary. In a haunting duet, two dancers perform lonely, intensely physical solos. Through hypnotic, whirling gestures, each woman’s body paints a raw, captivating self-portrait.

Rachid Ouramdane has been making art projects since 1995. He is an Associate Artist at the Theâtre de la Ville in Paris, and at the Bonlieu Theâtre in Annecy, France. He is regularly invited to work on a variety of collaborations, such as the Lyon Opera Ballet (Superstars - 2006, All around - 2014); the Russian company Migrazia during a residence in Siberia for the Intradance project (Russia) (Borscheviks... a true story... - 2010); and for the 20th birthday of Candoco Dance Company (UK) with disabled dancers (Looking back - 2011).
Since Ouramdane founded L’A. dance company, his work is based on a meticulous collection of evidence, in collaboration with filmmakers or authors. Through the art of dance he aims to contribute to social debates through choreographic pieces that develop a poetics of testimony. Alongside his creative projects, Ouramdane is working to enhance the transmission and exchange through the management of international workshops for artistic research in France, Romania, Netherlands, Brazil, and the U.S. Since the beginning of January 2016 Rachid Ouramdane co-directs the CCN2 – Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble with Yoann Bourgeois.
Conception, choreography: Rachid Ouramdane
With: Rachid Ouramdane / CCN2 Grenoble
Light design: Stéphane Graillot
Set design: Sylvain Giraudeau
Executive production: CCN2-Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble - Direction Yoann Bourgeois and Rachid Ouramdane
Coproduction: L’A./Rachid Ouramdane, Bonlieu – Scène nationale d’Annecy, la Bâtie – Festival de Genève dans le cadre du projet PACT bénéficiaire du FEDER avec le programme INTERREG IV A France-Suisse
With the support of: Musée de la danse, Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et Bretagne
Piece created with the support of: Ministère de la culture et de la communication/DRAC Île-de- France dans le cadre de l’aide à la compagnie conventionnée et de la Région Île-de-France au titre de la permanence artistique.
The CCN2 is subsidised by the: The CCN2 is subsidised by: Drac Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes/Ministère de la culture et de la communication, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, Département de l’Isère, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Institut français for international projects.
With the support of Teatroskop as part of FranceDanse Orient-Express. Teatroskop is a program initiated by the French Institute, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.
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