Renewal Painting

2000 HUF / Student: 1600 HUF
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our father, mourning, paperhanging 

Two brothers are reunited by the death of their father. They have to prepare their childhood home for the burial-feast, which is not an easy task: they have to face the mess in the apartment as well as their father’s memory. Is a thorough cleaning enough to reckon with the past and their relations to each other and themselves?

The performance is inspired by a part of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s autobiographical novel, My Struggle Volume One. Its acoustic world is established by the compositions of Márk Bartha and dramatized audio play scenes. The audience hears the montage through headphones transmitting sounds from binaural microphones, enabling a 3D sound experience.

Performers: László Göndör, Dániel Szász
Concept: Márk Bartha -  Martin Boross - Gábor Thury
Music, sound design: Márk Bartha
Visual design: Anna Fekete
Dramaturg: Máté Kautzky-Dallos
Consultant: Gáspár Téri
Technical director: Mátyás Jankó
Production assistant: Dóra Tési
Producer: Dániel Mayer
Director: Martin Boross 

Co-production partners: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Hybrid Art and Cultural Nonprofit Ltd.

National Cultural Fund, Ministry of Human Resources

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  • other days: 16h-20h
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  • other days: 16-19h
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