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The Table is not a children's puppet show but instead a work of surprising humanity

Moses is a cantankerous 2 foot high puppet, with a cardboard head, who lives on a table. And he's got a problem. All he ever gets asked to perform is fairy tales or children's birthday parties, and he's fed up with it. He's an artist! He's a serious puppet! So tonight, for one show only, the table is his and he is going to perform an epic story. The final 12 hours of the life of Moses, in real time, on his table.
Unique and very funny, this is improvised puppetry like you have never seen before. Our table-top philosopher explains the nature of puppetry, has disagreements with his puppeteers, shows off his dancing skills, examines the bible and has an unfortunate mishap with an invisible running machine. Along the way he gains a theatre full of fans who then watch his painful attempts to rescue his show from chaos.
This is award winning, epic puppetry inspired by Beckett, the Bible and Ikea.

The Table premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011 where it won a Fringe First. Since then it has gone on to tour the world - including the UK, Europe, China and the USA - winning critical acclaim and awards.
Cast: Mark Down, Sean Garratt, Irena Stratieva
Puppet: Nick Barnes
Director: Mark Down
Devised and Directed by: Blind Summit Theatre
Co-Devisers: Nick Barnes, Sarah Calver, Mark Down, Sean Garratt, Mabel Jones, Irena Strateiva, Ivan Thorley
Music: Lemez and Friedel
Lighting: Richard Howell
Artistic Consultant: Andrew Dawson
Producer: Stephanie Hay
Technical Manager: Fergus Waldron
Company Manager: Fiona Clift
Administrator: Andrew Hughes

Photo credit: Lorna Palmer

Thanks for the table: ORDASI László


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  • other days: 16h-20h
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  • other days: 16-19h
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