Andrea Mészöly  - Ákos Dózsa - László Kövesdi

Megint elröpült… - PREMIERE

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The story of my mother.
My mother and My story.
My story.

It flew again…
the fly on the ceiling that was faster than you, or
the lost kite of your childhood ...
your slaps, your years, your opportunities, your time;
they are the dragons of dreams and tempers,
about these wonderful creatures, and about when you thought you were flying high
And about being with Mom when
the rope of dreams should have just been released,
and it is good to keep your temper tightly in check.
Do you remember?

performers, choreographer: Mészöly Andrea, Dózsa Ákos
assistant to director: Kopeczny Kata
composer: Bényi Gergely
performer, written and directed by: Kövesdi László

Megint elröpült… - PREMIERE ArtMan Egyesület

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