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Island – dance monologues perfused with light

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solos, fountain, love

Everyone is an island.

Somewhere on the border between dance and visual arts, two islands where the sun inevitably sheds its life-giving warmth. These islands are inhabited by lonely beings, locked in their own universe: moving sculptures guarding the ocean shores, drifting towards each other in a restless search and magnetic attraction. The desire to show themselves and to connect is underlaid with a ripple of hiding and fear. The wandering around each other of two beings trapped in an island, the pain of being at the mercy of the laws of physics, the pain of the collision before the merger, is revealed through a stripped down system of movement with geometric precision. Dancing under the sun, where the two halves are sometimes more than a whole.

The works of Rita Góbi could be best described as brave and experimental as well as precisely choreographed. She has a geometrical, minimalistic, rather reductionist style. Her concept of choreography is based on instinctive, monotonic, repetitive miniature movements, and the phasing of the body and state changes that evolve from these movements. She transforms the line of motions slowly and consistently. The accord of movements, music, projected visual effects and lights are creating the futuristic atmosphere of her performances.

Her solo piece Volitant (2017) received several national and international awards (Aerowaves Twenty18, Festival 10 Sentidos special award, Infant Festival – best performance, Rudolf Lábán award, 22. International Contemporary Dance Festival (Veszprém) – best solo performance). In 2018 and 2019 she created two Japanese co-productions, titled Vibration and Freestyle. These pieces could be observed as precisely composed series of images or as abstract art. Her new piece, Island, is a continuation of Góbi Dance Company’s gradually evolving style with old and new co-creators.

Choreography: Rita Góbi
Dancers: Rita Góbi and Milán Maurer
Lighting design: Pavla Bernarová (CZ)
Visual effects: XORXOR
Music: Ábris Gryllus
Dramaturge: Anna Zsigó
Costume: Dóra Pattanytus
Installation: Medence Csoport

Partner: Workshop Foundation
Co-production partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Art

Supported by: Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund, Workshop Foundation, Sín Culture Centre, MOHA - Orkesztika Foundation, gaborgobi.com

Island – dance monologues perfused with light EMMI-Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma
Island – dance monologues perfused with light Mohai Audio
Island – dance monologues perfused with light Műhely Alapítvány
Island – dance monologues perfused with light NKA - Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
Island – dance monologues perfused with light SÍN Művészeti Központ
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