The Symptoms

Afterparty - a fictive ritual of a fictive tribe - PREMIERE

3200 Ft
discounted: 2800 Ft
student: 2200 Ft
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We are all able to shake the air, to touch each other’s eardrums with our lungs.

The landscape is deserted, yet it’s still breathing. You know there are a couple of them left, they are watching too. It is easy to close your eyes. Everything that can be heard gets bigger. Stomach, heart, lungs, joints. It’s time to relax and speak in another language. Touch, embrace, sweep away. Sweat freely together with the other one. How can I help you to break free your unknown, buried voices? 

The performance was created in a quarantine community in the frame of The Symptom’s experimental season. The team gave space to everyone’s curiosity and creativity. We researched the relationship between human voice and movement to discover how far the limits of what we perceive as music can be pushed and whether it is possible to create a work that can be interpreted both as a music and a dance performance. Can we think that our full attention, the act of listening to each other, the search for our distinct voice is a social stance? 

Director: Réka Szabó

Performers and co-creators: Viktória Dányi, Patrik Kelemen, Balázs Oláh, Veronika Szabó, Dániel Szász

Musical coach and co-creator: Veronika Harcsa

Production assistant: Réka Oberfrank

Light design: Kata Dézsi

Costume design: Csenge Vass

Special thanks to: Kámea Farkas

Supporters: Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts


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