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Bedtime stories? Subversive utopies? The last keepers of the collective unconscious? The patriarchy’s undead army? Today fairytales are more divisive than ever before. Yet they live among us – it is time to make something with them.

The secret meaning of the popular fairytale revealed (you won’t believe what happens in the woods)! Working with our personal lifestories, we step on an untrodden path paved by fairytale therapy and the genres of initiation theatre and lecture performance. We lose ourselves in the forest of fairytale interpretations. See you in the woods.

Freelance theatre director Péter Varsányi graduated at SzFE in 2017. At present he is a PhD student at FreeSzFE and Mozarteum University. This performance is made within the frames of his doctoral studies, in collaboration with Gabriella Juhász, Domokos Kovács, György Sipos and Vera Farkas.

director: Péter Varsányi 
performers: Gabriella Juhász, Domokos Kovács, György Sipos, Péter Varsányi 
fairytale therapist, consultant: Vera Farkas 
assistant director: Veronika Vajdai, Klarissza Tóth 
production manager: Dániel Mayer

Staféta Program, The Municipality of Budapest

onFAIRYTALES.333 - PREMIER Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata
onFAIRYTALES.333 - PREMIER Staféta program
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