Cláudia Dias, Luca Bellezze (PT)

Tuesday: All that is solid melts into air

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In Tuesday: All that is solid melts into air – a line from The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx – the Portuguese choreographer uses a piece of string as point of departure in creating a live animation which reminds us that the refugee crisis is far from over. In a day and age when front lines, walls and rows of refugees literally mark out the ‘own’ territory, and radical expression is part and parcel of everyday discourse, Dias throws out a line to connection and context.

Cláudia and Luca have constructed a visual narrative, using a line to tell the story of a ten-year-old boy, whose grandparents were expelled from Palestine and then from Lebanon, who travels from Syria to Italy. In parallel, they have created a sound narrative, with the noises of this escape. All of this, including Cláudia and Luca’s bodies, is non-verbal, precisely to avoid preconceived ideas. And the text, rather than coming from the mouths of the actors, which would create a false sense of identification with refugees, is projected on the set, in order to underline the distance that separates actors and refugees.

Like many others of my generation, as I child I was fascinated by Vasco Granja’s TV show, enchanted by the worlds he created with plasticine, cardboard, or a single line. Thirty-some years later, I evoke that world, namely the work of Osvaldo Cavandoli, for this second installment of the Seven Years Seven Pieces project.
Knowing that a line is the shortest distance between two points, Luca Bellezze and I have chosen this as the starting point for our live cartoon, made with a piece of string. Frame by frame, we build a visual and aural narrative that portrays, in a synthetic fashion, particular aspects of contemporary reality.”
- Cláudia Dias

Concept, playwright and director: Cláudia Dias
Guest artist Luca Bellezze
Performers: Cláudia Dias, Luca Bellezze
Critical Eye: Jorge Louraço Figueira
Assistance: Karas
Set and Light design: Thomas Walgrave

Technical director: Nuno Borda de Água
Sound: Manuel Chambel
Production on Tour: Pé de Cabra, lda
Co-Production: Alkantara (Lisbon - PT) Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (Lisbon - PT), Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto - PT)
Artistic residencies: Teatro Municipal do Porto (PT), O Espaço do Tempo (PT), Centro Cultural Juvenil de Santo Amaro – Casa Amarela (PT).
Acknowledgments: Ângelo Alves, Anselmo Dias, Ilda Figueiredo, José Goulão, Jorge Cadima, Paulo Costa
The project Seven Years, Seven Pieces is supported by Câmara Municipal de Almada Alkantara – Associação Cultural is funded by República Portuguesa | Cultura / Direcção-Geral das Artes Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

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