Blue Lagoon

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Where does the capricious sea take the small boat with its shipwrecked passengers, the angelic eight-year-old girl and the intelligent, clever nine-year-old boy? In his 1908 novel, Henry De Vere Stacpoole to an an uninhabited but exotic island under the Southern Cross.

The image of the noble savage is a sentimental, romantic view that spans several cultural epochs, a search for a way out for man, who has been deprived of civilisation. A hope to find happiness again. The Rousseauian idea of "back to nature" can easily captivate anybody. According to him man is inherently good but corrupted by society. Is it that simple?

Actors: Dániel György Brezovszky, Zsombor Kövesi, Bence Mezei, Dániel Pásztor
Intimacy Trainer: Adrienn Hód and Tamás Ördög
Director: Tamás Ördög

Supported by: EMMI, Trafó 

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