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Kárász Emese - Burning sky

3600 HUF
2700 HUF - student, teacher, retired
Trafo passes are accepted
The performance features stroboscopes, smoke, darkness, strong sound effects and depiction of sexual violence.

#burningsky #critique #withandwithoutjudgement

Fitting in is not always easy, especially when everyone thinks there can only be one winner. Our characters are part of a theatre company and are trying to get ahead in their lives. But this is threatened by the frustrations of not being able to do good things, the constant pressure from above to keep their jobs and not lose everything they have achieved. Tim,e however, is not standing still.

The cabaret genre creates a casual relationship between the audience and the performers. In the musical numbers and the scenes that link them, the audience may be addressed, but the degree of involvement is up to the spectator. No verbal presence is required. The story does not stop at the end of the performance: the music continues, and the audience is encouraged to stay in the space to dance and socialise.

The production draws on the difficulties of integration in the theatre profession. How do we act when we try to fit in and how do we behave when we feel threatened by newcomers? What ends justify the means?

Most of the creators are members of Freeszfe's first theatre-making class. The class is complemented by a composer (Keelan) and an actor who has worked with the class during our studies (Benjamin Taba).
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