Aurélien Bory (Compagnie 111)(FR) / Mladen Materic (SR)

Je me souviens "Le Ciel est loin et la Terre aussi" / I remember "Heaven is far away the Earth as well"

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Accompanying program

After Thursday's performance of I remember "Heaven is far away the Earth as well", Aurélien Bory and Mladen Materic(directors of I remember…) will first be interviewed by Botond Devich, set and visual designer, and then the audience will have the opportunity to ask the creators.
The aftertalk will be held in english.
Location: Lobby

Dear spectators, we invite you to a journey through time! Brilliant visual elements, impressive poetry, Compagnie 111 in the house for the eighth time, and the company's founder and director Aurélien Bory on stage this time!

In 1994, the young Aurélien Bory went to Toulouse to see a performance of Le ciel est loin la terre aussi (Heaven is far away the Earth as well) by Mladen Materic, a director known for his elegant and subtle theatre. The stunning visuals and complex world of the production left an unforgettable mark on Bory, profoundly reshaping and defining his artistic career.

What do we carry with us from the performances after the curtain comes down? What do we do with these memories? Together, Aurélien Bory and Mladen Materic are seeking answers to these questions: they have decided to recreate Bory's memories using Le ciel est loin la terre aussi fromfrom 25 years ago as a starting point. They do this by not trying to reproduce Materic's performance, but rather by using elements of it - the sets, the costumes, even the original actors! - to show how a work becomes a source of inspiration. This remake, with its burlesque melancholy, is an intense and poetic vision of the power of memory.

Aurélien Bory was born in 1972 in Colmar, France. He attended Physics courses at the University of Strasbourg. These studies took him to work in the field of Architectural Acoustics. In 2000, he founded Compagnie 111 in Toulouse. He develops a «physical theater» singular and hybrid, a crossbreeding of different, converging fields in the performing arts: theater, circus, dance, visual art, and music. Intrigued by the question of space, his composite works that reflect a peculiar aesthetic are driven by sciences, and strongly rely on the scenography. His shows tour around the world.

Mladen Materic founded the Théâtre Tattoo in Yugoslavia in the early 1980s and directed performances there. From the very beginning, the members of the company were committed to finding and creating a new theatrical language. Materic already has a chartered place in the pantheon of theatre masters, with a series of productions (such as Le jour de la fête, co-produced at the Paris Autumn Festival, or Pourquoi la cuisine?, co-created with Peter Handke) that have brought freshness and novelty to the theatre.

With: Aurélien Bory, Jelena Covic, Haris Haka Resic, Mickael Godbille
Design, scenography, direction: Aurélien Bory, Mladen Materic
Music Composition: Joan Cambon
Light: Design Arno Veyrat
Set Technical Conception: Pierre Dequivre
Set construction: Pierre Pailles, Jérémy Sanfourche, Olivier Jeannoutot
Paint: Isadora De Ratuld
Props: Stéphane Chipeaux-Dardé
Costumes: Manuela Agnesini
Technical Director and Light Manager: Thomas Dupeyron
Stage Manager: Mickael Godbille, Yarol Stuber-Ponsot
Sound Manager: Stéphane Ley
Head of Production: Florence Meurisse
Production Manager: Clément Séguier-Faucher
Press: Agence Plan Bey

Théâtre Garonne Scène européenne – Toulouse, ThéâtredelaCité – CDN Toulouse Occitanie, Théâtre-Sénart Scène nationale, Comédie de Colmar – Centre dramatique National Grand Est Alsace, CIRCa - Pôle national cirque Auch Gers Occitanie dans le cadre du soutien du FONDOC, Théâtre Tattoo

Je me souviens "Le Ciel est loin et la Terre aussi" / I remember "Heaven is far away the Earth as well" Francia Intézet
Je me souviens "Le Ciel est loin et la Terre aussi" / I remember "Heaven is far away the Earth as well" Teatroskop
Je me souviens "Le Ciel est loin et la Terre aussi" / I remember "Heaven is far away the Earth as well" République Francaise
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