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Imaginaries, deception, trick masters, reality hacking methods.

What kind of analog and digital technological solutions can create new dimensions in our imagination? How live performers and spectacular environments could change and manipulate our perception? What do we see in front of our eyes at the end? How new circus, media art and magic use dramaturgical elements of illusionism?
As part of the smART! XTRA series of interactive presentations, audiences are invited to find out more about interdisciplinary forms of collaboration between different areas of the arts and creative industries, through a number of ongoing projects. This event will focus on illusions.
The work of Finnish visual artist, magician and stage director Kalle Nio is a combination of magic, visual arts, cinema, art-history, circus and theatre. In his stage performances and cinematic installations, he is creating encounters between past and the present, between magic and visual arts, craft and technology, real and illusions. He often uses elements from 19th century stage magic as the starting point for his highly visual explorations of human body and relationships. With his performing arts group WHS he has performed in more than 30 different countries. His video installations and short films have been shown in several museums and galleries.
Balázs Gyertyán studied magic at School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, intimate theater at Glasgow, mime at Budapest, street circus at Newcastle, and physical theatre at London. He holds an MA degree from communication and media studies. He has been researching magic from the viewpoint of art sociology. He works as a performer and magic consultant for theatre and television productions and as teacher and mentor for magicians.
In the past 20 years, Vince Varga’s works included record covers, TV channel identities, restaurant interiors, adverts, logos and audio algorithm. Over a decade ago, his focus turned mainly on stage related works: visuals and music for theatre and dance pieces, video installations, live visual performances and stage design for concerts and festivals. His works have been presented from Lisbon to Novosibirsk and Ozora. He was awarded by several media and creative industry awards, including the Camera Hungaria.

Presenters: Kalle NIO, Balázs GYERTYÁN, Vince VARGA
Editor – moderator: Andrea KOVÁCS
Creative concept: Let it Be! art agency

Presenters: Kalle NIO, Balázs GYERTYÁN, Vince VARGA
Editor – moderator: Andrea KOVÁCS
Creative concept: Let it Be! art agency

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