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1000 Ft (Trafó bérlet érvényes)

Sébastien, Matthieu Donarier and Gadó Gábor has been playing together for years, Laurent Blondiau being one of Belgium’s most notable solist is the leader of Maak’s Spirit, fellow musician of Aka Moon (march 11th, Trafó!), Philippe Catherine, Kris Defoort, Steve Houben and Mark Turner. The young maverick of the Danish jazz scene, Stefan Pasborg has been playing drums since the age of three, and his name recently pops up more often in international projects.

The band’s first album is to be realesed on BMC Records, Budapest in January. Celebrating this event we will have the chance to see them playing live well half year before their European tour.
In the second part of the concert Dresch Mihály, Szakcsi Lakatos Béla and Lukács Miklós is joining the band.

Matthieu Donarier (Fr): sax Laurent Blondiau (B): trumpet, bugle Gadó Gábor (H): guitar Sébastien Boisseau (Fr): double bass Stefan Pasborg (D): drums

Szakcsi Lakatos Béla – piano Dresch Mihály – sax Lukács Miklós – dulcimer

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