Constant Dance Lessons Demonstration

300 Ft

Duration: 100 min

The Workshop Foundation began its “Constant Dance Lessons” program in 1999 at the Trafó Studio. The goal of the program was to provide an opportunity for young and old along alike who wish to get out and move to get a taste of the various contemporary dance technique and composition classes without any previous training, as well as take lessons from the leading dancers and dance teachers of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene.

The would-be dancers can participate in 9 different groups at the Trafó Studio every day of the week from September to June.
The Workshop Foundation wishes to display a selection of these classes through the Constant Dance Lessons Demonstration, allowing everyone to get a glimpse of the motions in question, as well as the levels and the atmosphere of the various groups.

The Foundation would like to use the Demonstration as a platform to spread the genre of contemporary dance, as well as giving the enthusiastic visitors of the dance lessons an opportunity to show off their skills on stage.


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