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2500 Ft (Trafó season-ticket holders may receive a 10% discount.)

Without beating around the bush, or perhaps precisely by doing this, ten people invite you into a universe that might be found on the back side of the coin. Humankind and its battle with itself, its dreams and world is the focal point in FUSK! Bodies fly, fall, sleep, sing, float, fight and crawl.

FUSK takes you back to a time where blood flowed, kings killed kings and revenge was sweeter than the sweetest music. Sounds like Shakespeare? Royal Bones, a new contemporary circus company based in Denmark takes the audience on a surrealist journey into the world of Shakespearean intrigue. If the director’s name, Lars Rudolfsson rings a bell, this could well be, because he also directed the magical TRIX by Cirkus Cirkör, a performance that wooed Trafó’s audience in 2001.

\Fusk! is circus poetry, to be nurtured and surprised by.....It is promising that new circus can still be a refuge for feast and fantasy\ Svenska Dagbladet .

Rasmus Aitouganov
Lars Gregersen
Mille Lundt
Josephine Wulff Randrup
Camila Sarrazin
Kenneth Harisson
Hanne Raffnsøe
Maja Romm
Henriette Groth
Johan Segerberg

Directed by: Lars Rudolfsson
Costumes: Kersti Vitali-Rudolfsson
Music: Hanne’s Alliance
Music consultant: Savannah Agger
Lighting design: Anders Rosenquist
Hair and make up: Tuija Valén.

Supported by:
Budapest Autumn Festival, Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Denmark, Danish Art Council.

You can watch the trailer of FUSK! here:.


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