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The man was dying for one hour and eighteen minutes bound hand and foot and lying on the floor, intentionally devoid of medical care.
Here's a question: If a person puts on a prosecutor's uniform, doctor's white smock or mantle of a judge, does he or she lose the ability to be human? Does he or she still have at least a hint of humaneness/humanity left inside?
In our case, these people, by putting on a ‘smock’, have fallen out of (the) humanity.
Those who are guilty in the death of the hero: the investigators, judges, jailers, doctors; will appear on stage and we will give each of them a monologue. We will call them by their real names, so they are able to come to the theatre and watch themselves.
They judge people in courts but we are also judging them in the theatre.” (M. Ugarov, director)
The documentary plays’ theatre – Taetr.doc was created in 2002 as a joint project of several playwrights. Mikhail Ugarov is the group’s artistic director and a remarkable and multi-talented figure of Russian contemporary theatre.
Mikhail Ugarov, director.
He was born in Arkhangelsk in 1956. He graduated from the Literary Institute named after A.M. Gorky (Drama Department). Lives in Moscow. Director, playwright, screenwriter, art director of the annual Festival for Young Playwrights "LUBIMOVKA”, artistic director of Teatr.doc, head of the Partner Laboratory for Drama and Directing in Yasnaya Polyana, one of the leaders of the «New Drama» festival (now known as the "New Play" festival).
In the mid-90’s was one of the organizers and participants of the creative council for the "Debut-Centre" of the Central House of Actors. Since 2007 he is a member of the Arts Council of the Centre for Drama and Direction of Alexey Kazantsev and Mikhail Roshchin. In the Centre for Drama and Direction has worked on productions: "Bento Bonchev’s Class", "Transfer", «Oblom_off», «Life is Beautiful" staged in the Teatre.doc, and such theatres as: «Praktika», «School of Modern Drama», «ET CETERA» of A.Kalyagin, Moscow Art Theatre named after A.P.Chekhov.He won of the Russian National Theatre award "Golden Mask-2010" and the "New Word" Prize of the "New Drama" festival. Prize of the Moscow branch of Russian Union of Theatre Workers – the "Hit of the Season" (for the play «Oblom_off» - as the best performance of the Moscow theatre season 2002/2003.). Performance "Oblom_off" was awarded by the People's Choice Award at the "Golden Mask" festival (2008).He also won of the television award «TAFFY» (for the scenario of "St. Petersburg Mysteries" TV-series).
Most of the TEATR.DOC productions are made in the documentary theatre genre.
Documentary Theatre is based on authentic texts, interviews and lives of real people. It is a special genre that exists at the intersection of art and actual social analysis. The Theatre creative groups are building their productions on the basis of meetings with real people, on the interviews that touch the most relevant and important issues of present-day. The real people evidence is used as well as the «verbatim» technology, deep improvisation, theatre games and trainings.

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