There’s something terribly sexy when it starts talking to you, as if you were the only person in the room. In this case the ‘it’ is NEXT, a selection of young dancers, musicians and acting companies from the 2010s. The future is theirs and, as we can see from the cue in front of the cashier, the future is now! They’re doing something entirely different than the legendary veterans: they have different views on you, themselves and everything else that surrounds us. Is it a generational issue or just the spirit of the age? If you ask us: it makes no difference. Here is a list of nine performances which have a different take on the world and you, something that differs from what you’re used to. It leaves you cold or becomes your accomplice, asks a few questions and then cuts you short – but it sure won’t let you rest.
5 January Dollar Daddy’s Children: Love – first part of the Family trilogy (theater)
Imre Vass: Pain Body I – II – III – IIII (performance/workshop)
6 January HUPS! Crew: Foreign elements (puppet concert)
7 January László Fülöp: There is an elephant in every room (dance)
9 January Csaba Molnár: Decameron (dance)
10 January Dányi-Molnár-Vadas: Skin Me (dance)
Ádám Czitrom & Áron Porteleki concert
12 January Dollar Daddy’s Children: Love – second part of the Family trilogy (theater)
Imre Vass: Pain Body I – II – III – IIII (performance/ workshop)
13 January Hodworks: Crack of Dawn (dance)
14 January Radio ballet: The Nature of Love (dance)
15-16 January STEREO Act: Push Down the Daisies (theater)
22-23 January Táp Theater – Ádám Fekete: Group Picture Without Lion (in natural light) (theater, Premier!)
The café features Beatrix Simkó and Dániel Dömölky’s interactive, location-specific voice recorder entitled Soundbank.

The Trafó Gallery presents Csaba Kis Róka’s Weltschmerz exhibition.
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