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2400 HUF | Student: 1900 HUF
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In Italian with Hungarian and English subtitles
MDLSX is an explosive sound device, a lysergic and solitary hymn to the freedom of becoming, to gender b(l)ending, to being other than the borders of the body, skin colour, sexual organs, being other than an imposed or acquired nationality, a belonging to a Fatherland. Rosi Braidotti in “On Becoming Europeans” talked of “an open belonging to Multiplicities”, a text that suggests a post-nationalist identity... And MDLSX aims at going beyond categories – the artistic ones, too. It is Silvia Calderoni’s road trip, who – after 10 years with Motus – experiments a Dj/Vj Set like format, in order to start an exploration around borders. Autobiographical bits and literary evocations come together, and MDLSX, by blurring action and reality, swings from Gender Trouble to Undoing Gender. We quote Judith Butler who, with Donna Haraway’s A cyborg Manifesto, Paul B. Preciado’s Manifeste Contra-sexuel and other bits of the kaleidoscopic universe of Queer, weaves the background of this “Monster-Performance”.

The change needed is so profound that it is said to be impossible. So deep that it is said to be unimaginable. But the impossible is to come. And the unthinkable is due...(Feminism is not a humanism, Paul B. Preciado)

with Silvia Calderoni
directed by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò
dramaturgy by Daniela Nicolò and Silvia Calderoni
sound Enrico Casagrande
in collaboration with Paolo Panella and Damiano Bagli
lights and video Alessio Spirli
in collaboration with La Villette – Résidence d’artistes 2015 Paris, Create to Connect (EU project) Bunker/ Mladi Levi Festival Ljubjana, Santarcangelo 2015 Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza, L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino, MARCHE TEATRO
with the support of MiBACT, Regione Emilia Romagna
production Motus 2015
production Elisa Bartolucci and Shaila Chenet
international distribution Lisa Gilardino
communication Marta Lovato and Estelle Coulon

Bio Motus
The company Motus founded by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò has recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary, an important one for this group that burst onto the scene in the Nineties with productions wielding great physical and emotional impact and has always anticipated and portrayed some of the harshest contradictions of the present day. Throughout the years, the group has created theatre shows, performances, installations and videos, conducted seminars and workshops, taken part in interdisciplinary festivals. They’ve received numerous acknowledgements, including three UBU Prizes and prestigious special awards for their work. Freethinkers, Motus have performed all over the world, from Under the Radar in New York, to Festival Trans Amériques in Montreal, PuSh Festival in Vancouver, Santiago a Mil (Chile), the Fiba Festival in Buenos Aires, Adelaide Festival in Australia or Taipei Arts Festival in Taiwan, as well as all over Europe.
Box Office opening hours:
  • Main hall performance days: 5 pm - 10 pm
  • studio and club performance days: 5 pm - 8:30 pm
  • other days: 5pm - 8 pm
Trafó Gallery opening hours:
  • Performance days: 4-10pm.
  • Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 4pm-7pm.
  • Closed on Mondays.
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