Mari Kalkun & Runorun (EE, FI, AU)

700 HUF
in the frame of Estonian week
Led by Mari Kalkun, Estonian Folk Singer of the Year 2013, Runorun’s music relies on the powerful South Estonian song tradition. In close dialogue with contemporary poetry and songs in several Fennic languages, their concert celebrates the beauty of moving and being on the road.
Having summoned strength from Estonian runo songs, contemporary poetry and Finno-Ugric music, Runorun’s concert program evolves from calm soundscapes into a wild orchestra of voices and strings. Even though the band has only four members, all of them stand out for their versatile instrument skills, respect for tradition and imagination.
In addition to the Võro singer and zither player Mari Kalkun, other members of the band are Maija Kauhanen, who was chosen the best zither player in Finland at an instrument playing competition, the experimental and skilful contrabass player Nathan Riki Thomson, who has a lot of experience in the field of world music, and the sensitive rhythm wizard Tatu Viitala. The contrabass and different drums from around the world add momentum and two vocalists and the zither keep the feet on the ground.
“For me, being on the road involves something magical, unexpected, and rhythmic”, Mari explains. Fantasy, adventure and improvisation takes the listener to a musical journey on which they can follow and sing along.

vocals, 12-string kantele: Mari Kalkun
vocals, Saarijärvi kantele: Maija Kauhanen
double bass, rattle: Nathan Riki Thomson
percussions: Tatu Viitala
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