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Hollow embodies the shared hallucinations of choreographer Viktor Szeri, game designer/media artist Tamás Páll and curator Gyula Muskovics. The three artists have been creating immersive performances, experiences and installations in theaters and galleries in Budapest and other European cities since 2018. 

In their latest work, they examine the relationship between theater and reality, as well as the world-making potential of shared imagination. The performance also raises the question of what emerges in a group beyond the sum of its members. Similarly to Hollow’s previous works, the audience will not remain outsiders: This time they will be immersed in an imaginary journey, the story, the landscapes and the characters of which are evoked through poetics, media art, contemporary dance, role-playing, experimental electronic music and singing.

The starting point for the performance was an international research, in which the three artists investigated the functioning and world-building strategies of grassroots communities in Eastern Europe. During the intuitive and experience-based research process, they also experimented with the creation of a collective body and shared consciousness, through which they also aimed to reinterpret the functioning of their own group.

Creators: Gyula Muskovics, Tamás Páll, Viktor Szeri
Music: Thea Soti, Yinna
Performers: Márton Glaser, Imola Kacsó, Gyula Muskovics, Tamás Páll, Viktor Szeri, Thea Soti, Yinna, Imre Vass
Light design: Kata Dézsi
Production partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Katlan Group Public Benefit Association

Disclaimer: This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

Katlan Group Public Benefit Association,Ministry of Human Resources, Sín Cultural Center, Workshop Foundation, International Visegrad Fund, Creative Europe – i-Portunus Program, Placcc Festival, Open Society Archives, Open Space Center for Visual and Performing Arts, Krytyka Poltyczna

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