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cirQular – walking circus - PREMIERE

2000 HUF
discounted price: 1000 HUF
Trafó passes are accepted
Get out, enjoy the springtime and join us to look for traces! Charge your phone and meet us at Trafó. We’ll be there and same time not quite there... Follow the signs to explore the city!

Our project “cirQular” reflects on this uncertain time and can be enjoyed at any time, no matter what the lockdown rules are. You don’t need to sit in a theatre and yet you’re not watching a screen from your couch.

Actors: Bölkény Balázs, Heizer Dominika, Farkas Júlia, Horváth Attila, Kiss Gergely, Kovács István, Kudlák Eszter, Lukács Levente, Máté Áron, Oberfrank Réka, Papdi Alíz, Podmaniczky Dorottya, Rácz Réka, Szentváry- Lukács Vajk, Szilvási Anna, Takács László, Turai Bálint, Zsíros László, Weszelovszky Anna

Concept: Lennart Paar, Zoletnik Sophie
Creative staff: Csuzi Márton, Szabó Mátyás Péter
Cameraman, cutting: Szabó János

The starting point is the Trafó House. From here, you can walk the production route individually using the map provided with the ticket. Please have a smart device that can read a QR code with camera or an app - this is a condition for you to be able to follow the events and watch the production.
Box Office opening hours:
  • on Mondays: 2pm-6pm
  • -
  • -
Trafó Gallery opening hours:
  • Entrance only with vaccination card.
  • Opening hours: 4pm-7pm.
  • Closed on Mondays.
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