(H)earring #21

DJ Bootsie – VJ Kemuri: kinhin x AV Composers

kinhin [kin-hin] is a Chinese verb, means: to go through, to feel a step when taking a step, in other words, to take a complete step.

Walking meditation, also known as kinhin, is a practice that involves a meditative walk between long periods of sitting meditation. Its most common form is walking around a sacred place and reciting a mantra or a sutra.

The upcoming audiovisual set of DJ Bootsie and VJ Kemuri was born in the spirit of kinhin. The duo's work is characterized as a unique fusion of music and moving images, an organic whole of a dynamic spectrum. Their momentary and strong shifts and audiovisual “walking rounds” are based on abstract repetitive beats and images.

Photo: Barnabás Neogrády Kiss / Nagyszünet

The essence of kinhin is in-depth ambient and infinitely slowed down images, from which we can step out from time to time into a more dynamic but still meditative state thanks to surprisingly edited fractional beats and visuals. During this one hour long audiovisual tour we can go through the process of a kinhin ritual. 

With: Vilmos SOLYMOSI, Kristóf SOMOGYI
Co-operation partner: Let it Be! art agency

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