smART! XTRA feat. Budapest Activated: OPEN DATA! // Expodium (NL) – Járókelő.hu (HU): MISSION POSSIBLE

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in English with Hungarian interpretation

We suggest to wear an easy fit due to the weather. We organize the walking performance also in light rain and coordinate the actions parallel with the Ferenc square’s reconstruction work.
As part of the smART! XTRA series of interactive presentations, audiences are invited to find out about interdisciplinary forms of collaboration between different areas of the arts and creative industries, through a number of ongoing projects. The focus of OPEN DATA! event will be smart city and open databases.

MISSION POSSIBLE is an urban expedition to fix some relevant city problems in the frame of a 3-day workshop held by Dutch collective Expodium. It’s a performative street action in the 9th district (Ferencváros) based on Járókelő and local questionnaires’ open databases. The project’s focus area is the renewed Ferenc square and its complex role in the rehabilitation of Ferencváros. The process can be further investigated with the help of people from the neighbourhood.
The Dutch EU-Presidency offers an important opportunity to bring Dutch inputs in experimenting with new formats of cooperative urban development, participatory governance as well as of sharing economy and social inclusion to Hungary. In the frame of OPEN DATA! event series Dutch organizations could support Hungarians work and insert their experiences in the Budapest context, help local actors become Smart Citizens and thus become protagonists of the emerging Smart Cities. In order to achieve this, professionals could establish and strengthen local knowledge networks that are capable of producing, aggregating, managing and disseminating data and ideas that help concentrate citizen knowledge and capacities into cooperative urban development projects.
The Dutch experiments of recent years in new collaboration platforms and participatory data management can offer inspiration and suitable structures for this process. In order to structure cooperation with the organizations, we will invite them for Budapest events at several occasions.

EXPODIUM is an urban do tank. Expodium is a collective of three [Nikos Doulos, Friso Wiersum, Bart Witte]. Through a variety of methods of artistic research, they generate vital information about urban areas and at the same time activate those areas and their users. They are a satellite at grass-root level; framing local developments in global discourse. They document, archive, contextualize and frequently publish information and knowledge generated through their practice. Expodium works unsolicited and they are for hire. They work with an international network of artists, architects, academics and the likes for mutual brain-picking. They collaborated with and worked for housing corporations, local governments, museums, universities, festivals and art institutions. They stroll and awe.

JAROKELO.HU [STREETWALKKER.HU] is an online platform that encourages citizen participation at the local level and enhances the quality of communication with local governments. Citizens submit complaints about problems in their neighbourhood with a photo and a short description to the website, the complaint is published on and at the same time it is sent in email to the responsible authority in order to signal the problem. The response of the authority (or service provider) is published on the website for users to comment or suggest different solutions. has been operating in Budapest since October 2012. They added the first city to the service in June 2014 and released an Android mobile application. Their work in connecting citizens to municipalities and helping them solving local problems was awarded with the SozialMarie Award for Social Innovation in May 2014.
Presenters: Nikos DOULOS, Friso WIERSUM, Bart WITTE, LE Marietta
With: Klára CSERNE, Mátyás CSISZÁR
Editor: KOVÁCS Andrea
Supported by: Embassy of the Netherlands in Hungary
Partner organizations: K-Monitor, Magyary Zoltán E-közigazgatástudományi Egyesület, Ferencváros Főépítészi Csoport, FEV IX Ferencvárosi Vagyonkezelő és Városfejlesztő Zrt
Special thanks: FLEISCHER Judit, HURTÁK Gabriella, SZŰCS Balázs
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